A finished product 

As promised long ago, an antique cast iron pub table, refinished top in Farmhouse White. 

A closeup of the pretty top, lightly distressed. 


New Life for an Old Table

I found a lovely antique cast iron pub table with a solid, but ugly shellacked tabletop. The top, not original, was once a nicely veneered oak finish. I decided to buy the table and replace the top. But then…

It had a few things going for it–already cut to size, solid, a dark, old finish which is my favorite surface to paint over, and it was here. Time for a facelift.

Miss Mustard Seed’s newest paint color is Farmhouse White, not as bright as Ironstone, but still a brilliant white. Time to play.

Two coats of Farmhouse White later, some light distressing and chipping–just enough to show the dark finish–I reached for wax. My favorite wax combo is Furniture Wax with a little Antiquing Wax mixed in to dirty it up. While waxing, the textured veneer came through a little bit, giving the revised tabletop a nice grainy look. Perfect.

I’ll post a photo of the reassembled table when they’re back together.




Musically inspired

Sometimes you find the cutest thing that sends creative ideas floating around your mind while you try to settle on one.

I found a pair of midcentury, solid mahogany folding orchestra chairs this week. See the lyre on the back of the chair? They’ve been painted a couple of times, the seat has been recovered. Simple but elegant. Lucy has decided it is hers.

Now, what color am I going to paint it?


And then there was Curio…

Most people paint furniture or a picture frame because they don’t want it to be brown. The brown may show through a bit, it may show itself a lot in a chippy finish, but we paint to cover up the brown. Or a bunch of stains and scars.

And then there was Curio…

Curio is a brown milk paint. I’ve never used it as an opaque paint and I’m not sure I ever will. I use it as a stain, diluted four or five times the normal 1:1 paint to water ratio.

Today, I took a strip of raw cherry wood leftover from a project many years ago. Stained with a 4:1 Water/MMSMP Curio mix, wet sanded with Hemp Oil and finished off with clear Furniture Wax. Just gorgeous!


Exploring a new world of chippy paint


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I’ve been wanting to try a resist technique using randomly sprayed MMSMP Hemp Oil. I have a cute little 1960s boudoir bench made from a dark, grainy wood (monkey wood I think!) with woven cane sides and a very nice velvety upholstery. The cushion is a soft gold and I decided MMSMP Dried Lavender would be the best color to bring out both the wood tone and the pretty seat. It’s important to note the seat cushion is removable–I’m not sure the sprayed-on oil would be a good idea for a piece with fixed upholstery.

After digging through my travel bottles and hairspray samples, I found what I hoped would be the perfect misting bottle, a former hotel lavender room spray. Small enough to work both my hand and the spray nozzle into small spaces, it holds a couple of tablespoons of Hemp Oil. This bench is a one coat paint job–I lightly sanded the wood, then sprayed the Hemp Oil in a dozen or so places. The Dried Lavender was mixed a tad thick on purpose, to give both one-coat coverage and provide a thick application over the Hemp Oil areas.

As you can see from the photo above, the resist worked very well. I over-sprayed in a couple of spots and had to clean, sand and touch up where too much chipped off, but I’ll share the completed piece soon!